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Dampier Foreshore Redevelopment (Georgiou)

Under the direction of the City of Karratha & Georgiou; ABM Landscaping were contracted to facilitate earthworks and construct reinforced concrete footings with rammed earth retaining walls to retain the proposed works. We also constructed labour intensive decorative rockwork for this prominent landscape development. Being in the Pilbara it was not without its challenges – ensuring all deliveries were scheduled in a timely and orderly manner from Perth so that construction could continually progress. All our rock was locally sourced and handpicked to ensure a true reflection of the Pilbara landscape and create a natural look. The sourcing of rock, along with concrete, mortar etc allowed us to further engage local contributions & businesses. The development has been a huge success and has thoroughly enhanced a once underutilised space into a briming and vibrant recreational oasis for the local community and visitors alike to enjoy.