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Civil, Commercial, Government & Residential Retaining Wall & Feature Stonework Solutions in Perth

Perth Retaining Walls & Feature Stonework

ABM Landscaping employs qualified stone masons to carry out our retaining wall & feature stonework projects including all civil, commercial, government and residential jobs. Our retaining wall service includes the familiar limestone blocks as well stone pitching and gabion baskets, depending on the landscape and purpose. Our stonework services can encompass feature stonework, to make a great first impression and to pay homage to our natural landscapes. Whether it’s feature wall, pillars, partitions or pathways you desire, feature stonework is incredibly accessible with ABM Landscaping.

Limestone can be utilised in various ways including stand alone walls, retaining walls, in conjunction with paving and as stairs. Limestone retaining walls are a popular choice due to their durability and quality. Our limestone blocks include the necessary expansion joints, backfill and compaction.

ABM Landscaping has also established a trusted reputation in Western Australia for rock pitched retaining wall construction and gabion baskets. Both services designed for the purpose of erosion control but can be an appealing feature to your site.

At ABM Landscaping we construct retaining walls & feature stonework on client’s request and our recommendation to provide functional landscaping support that’s built to last.

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