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Northlink - Stage 3

ABM Landscaping had been fortunate enough to acquire considerable scope across this major road development.  The arterial road between Morley & Muchea provided a much enhanced transport line for economic development and community interaction.  The project for us, spanning across a period of 4years, during which we were contracted to deliver multi-disciplinary scopes such as:

Rock-Pitching (26,000m2+)

Rock Protection (12,000m2+)

Armour Rock (960m3+)

Gabion Baskets & Revetment Mattresses (1,000m3+)

Brick-Paving (4,500m2 +)

Concrete Footpaths, Stencil Infill & Infills (14,000m2+)

Limestone Retaining Walls (10,000blocks+)

Post & Panel Walls (300m +)

Coir, Grass Roots & Jute Matting  (10,000m2+)

Given the number of main contractors across this development ABM Landscaping was able to grow & mature as a business; the demand for flexible programming, strengthened our workforce and our co-ordination skills.  This coincided development of HSE followed suit, whilst we pride ourselves on our HSEQ standards, the opportunity to work with all the major Contractors o the project allowed us to further adapt and amplify our suitability as an ever reliable selection for future infrastructure projects.  The opportunity to work on this project was invaluable.